About Us

I feel delighted to welcome you to this creative institution which serves to represent an establishment dedicated exclusively as a Fine Arts & Design Institute Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) is proud to have established the first private institute in Chandigarh to start BFA & MFA Degree program. Institute of Fine Arts was borne out of the need of the students of this region to express their creativity and provide them with the canvas to etch their potential.

In this era of globalization, with tremendous development in different fields various professional job oriented courses of diversified nature were commenced. BFA & MFA Degree is one of the 100% job oriented course.

I am sure that you would be able to make the best use of our highly qualified faculties, facilities and value added inputs.

I wish you great success and a bright future.

Balbinder Basson


Privileges and appanages for on-roll students

Open 6 days a week

Head branch is open for weekdays and weekends for all 6 days a week. So here you have the option to join as per your choice. Being open for all days eases the student to get help and enquire any day.

Guidance by professional artist

The student gets a proper guidance by the professional artist specialized in their field. Professional artists guide and shows the right path which helps the students to get their work noticeable.

Group & individual classes

He classes run in a group but special attention is paid to all. The students are guided individually by the trained to polish their skill. These classes help the students to better understand their subject.

Learning with work experience

Student are benefited with work experience while the course is on as they get a chance to assist their guide in workshop. Work experience helps to understand one’s weak point& strong point.

More of practical training

The students are given more of practical training rather than theory so that they get full experience of their work. It eases them to have more of practical knowledge which turns to be great help when working independently.

Workshop & seminars

The students get an opportunity to attend workshop and seminars on different topics. Workshop fills you with new energy and enthusiasm. You learn to do work with more confidence.

Computer Based designing courses

The students get an opportunity to attend workshop and seminars on different topics. Workshop fills you with new energy and enthusiasm. You learn to do work with more confidence.

Friendly staff to take care of you

The institute provides art scholarship to all genuine needy person who has keen interest in art. So finance does not become a barrier for the art lover. In this way institute helps those who are unable to fulfill their dream due to financial problem.

Art lectures

The lecture classes are conducted for all students to better understand the subject they are enrolled for. These lectures classes are very useful for the students to clarify the doubts and get to know their course in a better way..

Outdoor study

Classes are often conducted outdoor so that the students get out the class and work in the lap of nature. This provides a good environment and peace to work and experiment. This also refreshes them.

Air conditioned classroom

The institute always stands with the students by providing placement assistance. The students are properly guided for the placement. The deserving students are always helped in finding a proper place to work.

Placement assistance

Classroom are air conditioned which provide a proper place for you to work and learn the environment becomes cozy. It helps you to adjust in all weather conditions and gives you full relaxation.

CCTV surveillance

CCTV surveillance is for the safety of all. All the classrooms have CCTV which also helps the head to keep an eye on the activities going in the class. It helps the students to be attentive and sincere with their work.

Artistic atmosphere

The classroom is arranged such as to create an artistic atmosphere where students get motivated to do work with concentration. This environment can’t be achieved at home. The students working on different subject creates art in the air.

Mineral water

Thirst is not a problem. Mineral water is provided so it’s safe to drink. So you don’t need to carry water bottle with you. Here you get fresh and safe water to drink drinking water machine is installed for the convenience.